Sunday, 24 June 2012

Lost in London

I went to London yesterday for an art reward trip with school, although it was a long day it was really good. It was so busy because we were walking through some of the busiest parts, like Trafalgar square was packed because west end live was on, which looked great because rock of ages was on at the time.

While i was there we visited a couple of art galleries, one of them was Tate modern, across the way from the millennium bridge, i was excited for this bridge as i had been told it moved but it didn't move even the slightest bit, oh well.

The first picture is of me and my friends outside Buckingham palace, we went there to just have a quick nosy and then we walked to the first art gallery. I've got to admit it was kind of boring but we made a game of trying to find the cheapest one, which was £40 but we had no luck!

The best part of the day was Camden market, i didn't buy much just a bracelet and a ring from a cute Indian style shop outside the market hall, but if i would have been given more time i probably would have spent all my money. The food stalls around Camden smelt so good, so i decided to try a battered mars bar for the first time ever, and it was delicious! I don't even like mars bars because i'm not a big lover of caramel, but my friend got one and when i had a bite you could not even taste the caramel, so i went back to the stall to have one.

When we got to Euston train station to go home, the train to Manchester before ours had been cancelled, so people had to buy tickets to add on to ours. When we were queuing up my friend spotted Paddy Mcguinness, so she waited behind and got a picture, but i was already on the train. Then when we got on the train all our reserved seats were cancelled, so the thirty of us were split up all over the train, but two seats behind us was Alisha from misfits so we talked to her but didn't manage to get a picture.

As we were all split up, the train found a carriage that wasn't that full so we got moved, and it ended up being first class, so we got free drinks and food, we felt so posh. When we arrived in Manchester my aim was to jump off the train and get a picture with paddy, which i did, he seemed really nice about it, and his poor girlfriend/wife had to take a picture.

I love London and can't wait to hopefully go again, just to dedicate my trip to shopping, i loved just walking round the streets and seeing things come to life that i had only ever seen on TV before. The atmosphere was great too, i'd love to live in London!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Glamour | Porefessional

With Glamour magazine the July 2012 issue, they were giving away a free benefit mini, from one of the two either, porefessional or badgal lash. I decided to get porefessional, as i had heard much about it but never tried it before.

All in all, i'm glad i picked it up, as it is a good product but i don't think i will be buying the full size product anytime soon. I find that when first applied it does minimize pores - like it says, but I find that the product can make skin appear oilier than usual especially the more you get on through the day. The product does help to achieve porcelain, flawless skin at first but the product is not that long wearing.

I know i know, i haven't blogged for a week but i have an excuse, this past week i have sat four of my GCSE's, and had another two the other week. I can only apologize that my blogging pattern may still be a little sparse as i still have a few more exam's to sit, and a lot of revision to do.

I will be going London next Saturday, i honestly can't wait to hit Oxford street and Camden market but i will be also visiting a few art galleries - as it is an art reward trip. It's come at the best time though, as it's just after my last exam's which will be a great break and reward. After 3.15 on Wednesday i am free from exam's for at least another six months. One thing i will be happy to get back in to is running, i love running but put it on break to make way for more revision.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

eBay hype

Yes, i am on the eBay hype and have been for a few years now, i sell as well as buy - it's how i make my money and sometimes spend my money, how ironic? Anyway, i have recently listed and relisted a few items, including the items above. Over the past twelve months i have received and earned 100% feedback through selling 355 items.

I regularly update and relist, especially on free listing weekends. Even if the items i have shown in this post are not for you, these are only a handful of items. I am selling a wide variety, that hopefully will tickle your fancy.

This, basically is my job as it's my 'income', i don't do this alone, my older brother helps out as well.. even though he has a job already - so unfair. We list items and once we have packaged everything, sent them off in the post and calculated what we've earned, we split it.

So recently my life has been taken over by revision, lack of sleep, and an art trip; which consisted of going to London on Wednesday(my first time), plus two days at Manchester university one today, the other tomorrow. I was selected for the trip and took up the offer, as it's good experience. We have been working with some very important people, and have worked with the company 'wgsn' who predict fashion trends two years in advance. Next week i will be working with 'I am creative' which i have used in the past and found was really great for young people to gain experience/confidence in the working industry as you get given a real life brief to work with, plus their are prizes.

Also in two weeks i will be visiting London again for the day - twice in one month! but this time, this is more of a treat and we had to pay(only a small fee though) we will be visiting two of the art galleries, walking through the parks and of course the best bit OXFORD STREET! I am definitely looking forward to this, and my eBay earning will come in handy - yes Topshop, i have you in mind.

Once i get back from Manchester tomorrow, i am straight off to a hair appointment, my hair is in desperate need of a trim. I am really picky with my hairdressers, as i can't just go to anyone and my particular hairdresser Amy has been on maternity leave, so i have been waiting back for her arrival and booked the first appointment available. As well as a trim, i think i am going to have some sort of  fringe put back in, but not too sure yet. 

Whilst at the hairdressers i find it really relaxing, especially when they wash your hair, massage your scalp and all that jazz. The downside is, my hair is always really flat, and i don't really understand how they get it like that, as i have a lot of hair, i am basically the mirror image of hagrid. As i was thinking about posting about it, i may not do it straight away because of the flatness i will wait till i have washed it, and styled it myself. I may not even post about it, i might just tweet.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

What's in my Make-up bag

My cosmetic bag is from Urban Outfitters and it carry's all my day to day make-up plus more, they don't have the exact one online anymore but it is similar to these. As you probably would have guessed i don't where that much make-up as after all i'm only fifteen but when i do these are all the products i use.

I don't wear make-up to school except for the odd dot of concealer here and there, as we are forced to take it off anyway, also i feel like it would bring me out in spots but mainly it would mean getting up another ten minutes earlier and i don't want that.

So my make-up is generally brought out on the weekend, throughout school holidays and on some occasions after school. I don't always where foundation either, mostly in the winter but hardly in the summer as i find it is too heavy and prevents me from catching a tan, but when I do; i use Bourjois healthy mix it is great and reasonably priced at ten pounds.

The majority of the make-up brushes I use are from the brand elf, I especially love their studio range for brushes as well as products.

My make-up routine consists of foundation, concealer, bronzer - to contour, blusher, liquid eyeliner, mascara and lipstick, not much compared to some but it works for me.

I always carry some form of lipsyl around with me, as i can't stand having dry/chapped lips. Most of my lip products are either by Vaseline or Nivea as i find they give me the best results and have quite  a wide variety of products. I keep one in my school blazer, make-up bag(as seen above), room, bag and make-up drawer.