Thursday, 2 August 2012

Black xs dupe

Black xs is my most worn perfume, i first started wearing it when my parents got it me for my birthday around two years ago. I loved it at first as it was my first 'real' perfume, and i went through my first bottle so fast, not realizing how expensive it was. I then went on to try and find another perfume, but i couldn't find one that i liked more than black xs. After that it was always on the top of my wish list when it came to my birthday and Christmas, if i was lucky i would get a bottle  on both days, which i would then try and make last for as long as possible. 

I love a bargain so i regularly began to search eBay for it, but they always seemed to be listed on buy it now, not far from the rrp prices in shops. After my unsuccessful search i decided to try and see whether there was a dupe out there, i just typed in black xs dupe and a webpage came up for many perfume dupes, after scrolling through for a while, i finally came across a dupe for black xs...

Zara black;

The name is very similar, 'black' and in some way the packaging, with the decoration of roses throughout, so maybe it was Zara's intention. The Smell is not exactly the same, but definitely the closet i have ever smelt, both Black xs and Zara's black are eau de toilette but black xs does seem to last longer on the skin.

For a 30ml bottle of Black xs it is £27.50 from boots (although i do usually get the 50ml, which is slightly more expensive) whereas for a 30ml bottle of Zara black it is £6.70 which is less than a 1/4 of the black xs price. I find that the price of Zara black makes it more acceptable to use more often and top up during the day without feeling like you're wasting your money.