Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wishlist #1

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01Topshop Raspberry Jersey 3/4 Sleeve Skater Dress
I love this dress, it has a low back line, not really practical as it will probably show a bra strap, but i can work around this. The sleeves make it acceptable for layering in the winter with a thick cardigan or coat and in the hotter months on it's own with a cute pair of shoes.

02. Topshop grey speckled marl jersey midi dress
This dress is quite different to what i would usually wear, especially the length but i really like it, I have seen it in shops and tried it on many times, but every time i do i never have the money to buy it, or i am not persuaded enough to walk up to the till. 

03. Gold curved metal choker necklace
I am definitely going to be purchasing this necklace, i have seen people wearing it on nights out and also make it work with day time outfits, it is so versatile. I know you can get it from Topshop, H&M and other high street shops but i am going to snap it up at a bargain price from eBay. 

04. Platform wooden block high heels
Yes, they are the infamous Jeffery Campbell lita look-a-likes that everybody seems to have, and i just can't resist myself. I wish i could afford the real things, but unfortunately i am not rich.

05. Topshop vintage lace dress
This dress is just adorable, a while back they brought out a black one but i never go it, when they brought out this i basically died in Topshop, i haven't yet bought it but I am very tempted to. And yes, you are probably beginning to see a pattern through this post, I am obsessed with Topshop and eBay as well as Urban Outfitters.

06. American Apparel disco pant
Last, but not least the disco pant of course. I love these, but what are American Apparel thinking, £70?! I am fifteen, i don't having money growing out my pockets, but a girl can dream. If i could i would almost certainly get theses in every colour available.

My purse | Topshop

My purse is from Topshop and cost £22 - Is it me or are purses becoming really expensive, the cost of it is more than the amount i usually have in it? Anyway it was originally my mum's and she had it for around a week, then i started to become jealous, i wanted this purse. So we made a deal that I would buy her another one and we would swap, the one I bought for my mum was £6 cheaper, so basically I only paid £16 for mine.

The purse itself has three sections, the first is just a space where i keep my notes - which i rarely have. The zipped section i keep loose change, and the last section has six slots where I keep my cards. Of course because i'm only fifteen i don't own credit cards or anything, i keep my Boots/Superdrug cards here, my bus pass and vouchers, also i stick my receipts here as well.

Not the exact purse, but you can find a similar one here

Slightly off topic here but I had my second GCSE exam today, English language. I'm eager to get my results in August but got many more exam's before then, i just hope that i can secure a good mark and not have to resit.

Monday, 28 May 2012


Yes, as well as a blog and tumblr i also have twitter of course. My name is @MaisieWard and here is a link to my twitter page please follow me I tweet regularly and I will usually follow back, especially if we share the same interests.

School bag | past and present

 My school are really strict with rules, especially uniform regulations so the majority of my school bag has to be black. I have always liked the look of Satchels, as they are sturdy and practical for school or other uses. Bags these days are really expensive within high street shops so i turned to eBay,  where i found the brand LYDC London, they are a London based company but their collections are also sold throughout eBay. I first got the Plain black satchel with gold buckle detail around about half way through year eight, it lasted me roughly two years and cost approximately £23 including postage. Overall i think it lasted a long time and was worth the money, considering some of my previous bags haven't even lasted 6 months.

Recently i bought another bag by the brand, and I am in my last term of year ten. The design is similar being a satchel but the buckles are slightly different and this one has white polka dots.The price was similar to my past bag, roughly £24 from eBay. I bought the bag in hope that it would do the same job and last me at least till the end of year eleven which is less than a year away. If the bag holds up like i'm sure it will, i will probably use it through college.

I recommend the brand as their products are sturdy and practical, not all of the collection is for me but from what i have experienced they are definitely worth investing in. 

You can see the exact listing that I bought mine from here but there are other sellers available to purchase from on eBay, and some have been added that are cheaper here

Locked up in ideas | Tumblr

My tumblr is called Locked up in Ideas i mostly reblog, but i also upload my own photo's. I usually  stick to fashion, vintage, make-up and hair photographs as well as photo's that look fun and I just like in general. I follow back if we share the same interests in themes and photo's.

This is me

Hello, my name is Maisie and welcome to my first blog. This is my attempt at blogging, i have always read blogs and been really interested in them, so i thought i would join in and try my hand at one. I am really interested in fashion, art and make-up, so my blog will usually consist of this. I will try to post as regularly as i can between school, coursework, and life. Also, i understand i will not receive thousand's of followers over night it will take a long time and a lot of hard work, but i am willing to work hard at my blog. enjoy reading, feel free to comment or follow.