Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My purse | Topshop

My purse is from Topshop and cost £22 - Is it me or are purses becoming really expensive, the cost of it is more than the amount i usually have in it? Anyway it was originally my mum's and she had it for around a week, then i started to become jealous, i wanted this purse. So we made a deal that I would buy her another one and we would swap, the one I bought for my mum was £6 cheaper, so basically I only paid £16 for mine.

The purse itself has three sections, the first is just a space where i keep my notes - which i rarely have. The zipped section i keep loose change, and the last section has six slots where I keep my cards. Of course because i'm only fifteen i don't own credit cards or anything, i keep my Boots/Superdrug cards here, my bus pass and vouchers, also i stick my receipts here as well.

Not the exact purse, but you can find a similar one here

Slightly off topic here but I had my second GCSE exam today, English language. I'm eager to get my results in August but got many more exam's before then, i just hope that i can secure a good mark and not have to resit.


  1. That's adorable! Purses ARE becoming more expensive! That's why I tend to go to thrift stores to find gems (check out my new blog post to see the cute vintage dooney I found!)

    Love your blog,

    1. Agreed, and i will be sure to do this on my next shopping trip!

  2. Love this purse, I so want one :) <3


  3. It takes me ages to find a decent purse because I'm so picky and when I do it's so expensive! This one is cute though!