Monday, 28 May 2012

School bag | past and present

 My school are really strict with rules, especially uniform regulations so the majority of my school bag has to be black. I have always liked the look of Satchels, as they are sturdy and practical for school or other uses. Bags these days are really expensive within high street shops so i turned to eBay,  where i found the brand LYDC London, they are a London based company but their collections are also sold throughout eBay. I first got the Plain black satchel with gold buckle detail around about half way through year eight, it lasted me roughly two years and cost approximately £23 including postage. Overall i think it lasted a long time and was worth the money, considering some of my previous bags haven't even lasted 6 months.

Recently i bought another bag by the brand, and I am in my last term of year ten. The design is similar being a satchel but the buckles are slightly different and this one has white polka dots.The price was similar to my past bag, roughly £24 from eBay. I bought the bag in hope that it would do the same job and last me at least till the end of year eleven which is less than a year away. If the bag holds up like i'm sure it will, i will probably use it through college.

I recommend the brand as their products are sturdy and practical, not all of the collection is for me but from what i have experienced they are definitely worth investing in. 

You can see the exact listing that I bought mine from here but there are other sellers available to purchase from on eBay, and some have been added that are cheaper here

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