Thursday, 12 July 2012

Maroon Converse

Maroon converse - office 

I bought these about a month ago, from the office website. I'd been wanting converse for a while, as i had recently sold off my previous ones. Once i had finally decided what colour i wanted (it was between these or the white ones) i went to the Trafford Centre, however this turned out to be the most frustrating trip ever, which is why i ended up ordering them online.

In total, i must have gone to six shops and not a single one had my size and colour in stock. I would each one the same thing, and they would either reply with 'we don't have that colour in stock, would you like to try this colour?' or 'we only have a size 6 or 7' they all came out with different colour converse, and different sizes, it baffled me how they brought them out for me to try on even though they weren't even the size i asked for, but i tried them on, just to make them happy.

When i got home, i went on office's website just to make sure i definitely wanted them. I realized that i may as well order them online if my local shops didn't have them in stock. Before i order something online though i always check Voucher codes, and i ended up finding a 20% off code for Office so i got them for £31.99 instead of £39.99, plus there was free delivery on at the time - result.

They came reasonably quick, also they are really comfortable and true to size. For reference some people go down a size with converse, but i'm a size five in all other shoes, and got a size five in converse and they fit me fine, not too tight nor too loose.

eBay notice; I have recently added a lot more items to eBay, and relisted as it was previously a free listing weekend. Feel free to look at all my listings, thanks.


  1. ahh I love these :) x

  2. i love converses! they go with everything! x

  3. love those converse :) xx

  4. i love this colour, not too bright or shocking while more interesting than black, great to pari with different outfits xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

    1. I know right? and i will be sure to check out your blog!xx

  5. These are my favourite colours of Converse, love 'm!